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Winter wedding in Dubrovnik

1 February 2018

All couples or most of them want to get married in Dubrovnik during spring and summer months that we call the high season. I have had only a couple of weddings organised in Dubrovnik outside this period.

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Wedding must-haves

25 September 2017

We all want glamourous weddings in a beautiful reception room, an exceptional menu, nice music, fantastic decorations; however, more than often we cannot afford the very best in every segment of our wedding day.

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Aida and Mohammad

1 August 2017

Each wedding is special and unique in its own way. But, when you have more than one hundred guests from all over the world and a wedding held at two fantastic locations, then that experience is truly spectacular.

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Interview: Renata Alujević

20 July 2017

We asked Croatian wedding planner Renata Alujević to explain why she set up as a wedding planner and why Croatia, specifically Dubrovnik, makes a perfect wedding abroad choice.

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Bridal bouquet - The top thing on the wish list

1 March 2017

What kind of a bridal bouquet should you choose? When planning your wedding, the bridal bouquet comes very high on the priority list; I can even say that it can be at the very top of this list.

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Wedding excitement

20 August 2016

It is completely normal for a bride and a groom, and particularly brides, to be very excited in the months before the wedding. The excitement grows as the wedding day approaches.

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Wedding that lasted for 24 hours

10 June 2016

When the bride and the groom are over 40 years, you would think that they would want to elope with their dearest ones, get marry and go to dinner to a nice restaurant. Not this time.

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Dubrovnik - the days before wedding

22 June 2015

Couples often ask me what they and their guests can see and visit in Dubrovnik in the days before the wedding. This is the reason why I decided to dedicate this blog post to the sights and attractions of Dubrovnik.

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Why this Blog?

21 May 2014

Let me announce that I have decided to start my wedding blog, and write about all the things that the ceremony in itself truly represents. And why exactly? Well, there are a few simple reasons.

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