-Why get married in Dubrovnik?-

There are hundreds of reasons to get married in Dubrovnik. But several really need to be pointed out. Dubrovnik has more than 250 days of sunshine a year, its sea is clean with beautiful beaches. The food is fantastic and rich in natural flavors, people are accessible, and wherever you look, the view leaves you breathless. Beautiful palaces, highly elevatedforts, renovated villas, the famous city walls – all of these are reasons for a wedding in Dubrovnik, a fairytale wedding. Therefore, simply run away and have an elopement wedding in Dubrovnik.


-The best choice for the most important day-

You have decided to spend the most beautiful day of your life in Dubrovnik. You have chosen the best! The city that will delight you with its distinct history embroidered with the romance of ancient, but also modern times - all of this makes Dubrovnik the right choice for your wedding ceremony, your vow renewal ceremony, your honeymoon. It’s a place to enjoy every moment. Much has been said about this Mediterranean beauty already, it has been described by poets, praised by reporters and travel writers; it has served as a stage for historical and romantic movies. World media describe it as the Pearl of the Adriatic, the centre of the world, an unseen beauty, the perfect place to relax and party, the best place for a wedding and UNESCO has placed it under its protection. But certainly nobody has evoked the beauty of Dubrovnik and transferred it into photographs so clearly as one of the world's finest photographers, Mr. Ivo Pervan . We are happy to be able to share his photographs with you and thus depict the beauty of Dubrovnik in the best possible way.



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