-Dubrovnik wedding planner-

You want a wedding in Dubrovnik, or on the islands around Dubrovnik or perhaps your choice is the Dubrovnik surrounding area. You've never been in Dubrovnik or you have been here a few times and you are not sure where to start or how to begin organizing your most important day. Or you simply want to leave it to a wedding planner in order to have your greatest day proceeded in a calm way and without anxiety. Do not worry and let us do all the work for you. Our organizers and wedding planners follow your wishes and apply their knowledge and experience and will thus organize your wedding exactly the way you envision it. Our wedding planners will go through all of your ideas and wishes step by step in the months prior to the wedding. In accordance with your requirements, they will arrange and organize every detail of the wedding. Therefore, leave it all to us and simply enjoy it and relax. You deserve it because it's your day.


-Consultation, planning and design of a luxury wedding-

What we offer is an individual approach for every couple and every wedding; we guide you through the entire event and the wedding ceremony itself, at the same time closely monitoring and taking care of all of your wishes, so we can say that every service is exclusively tailored according to our clients’ wishes. Our service includes our full engagement regarding all the aspects of the wedding and the entire stay of the newlyweds and their guests in Dubrovnik. During the initial consultation with the couple we go through all their suggestions and with our help and input, jointly find the best options. We are privileged to work alongside the most respected companies in the events business that is a guarantee for you to receive fast, efficient and best possible solution for all the elements of your wedding. We are proud to say that our floral decorators, location decorators, experienced photographers, the most prestigious restaurants, the best catering, premium wine makers, cake designers, musicians , professional drivers, hairdressers, makeup artists all share our passion, commitment and high standards of service, and pay great attention to detail.
We set up personalized web pages of your wedding; we can help you find accommodation for your guests, organize bachelorette parties and give you the best honeymoon arrangements. We will take over all of the administration and assemble an event protocol guided by your wishes. The protocol will be shared and checked once again in the days before the wedding, which will ensure that everything is exactly as it should be. To assure more safety and your complete pleasure in the act of marriage, as well as to show commitment to your guests, our wedding coordinators will be present during the entire wedding ceremony. Whether you choose a church, civil or symbolic wedding and whichever service of ours you may choose, our professional team will organize, manage and supervise your special day.



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