Dubrovnik City Walls are one of the most beautiful and strongest fort systems in the Mediterranean. It represents one of the biggest attractions for the visitors. Dubrovnik City walls run uninterrupted for 1940 meters (6365 feet) encircling the City and consists of a series of forts, bastions, casemates, towers and detached forts, so city of Dubrovnik is completely surrounded with walls including the Old Dubrovnik Port. The walls were built systematically throughout history; the walls have been preserved to the present day and are still functional. The design of the walls dates from the 14th century. The irregular shape formed by the walls is protected by strong forts. The most important point in the defense system toward the land is the Tower Minčeta. It was built in 1319, and the name derives from the name of the Menčetić family. It is also the highest point of the wall.

The Fortress fo St. John is monumental building located on the south-eastern side of the Old City Port. Once it was controlling and protecting entrance to the Dubrovnik Port and today it is a home of Maritime Museum and the Aquarium containing documents and objects of great importance from Dubrovnik history. Fortress Revelin was first built in 1462, later Dubrovnik Senat approved its reconstruction so in 1538 it become new, stronger building protecting eastern land approach to the city. The western entrance to the city is protected by the strong and beautiful Bokar fortress (Zvjezdan). The famous fortress on the western end of the city is Fortress Lovrijenac, it was built on the 37 meter high rock. Today these fortresses are used as a stage for events in the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.


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