Church wedding

If you want a church wedding in Dubrovnik or the surrounding area, the agency Dubrovnik Marry Me will make it possible. A church wedding can be held in one of the many Dubrovnik churches. However, the largest number of couples chooses the baroque church of St. Blaise, built back in 1715, and located in the very heart of the old city. A church wedding in Dubrovnik is lead by the priest in English, but if necessary, we will provide you with an interpreter for your own language. We will also provide you with all the information about the necessary documents, and after that all further paperwork will be handled by Dubrovnik Marry Me. If you want your church wedding to be legally recognized in your country of origin, besides a church wedding in Dubrovnik, a civil wedding needs to be done as well. Thus, during the church ceremony you will also need to sign the documents for civil marriage. If wanted, your civil wedding can be done in your own country before or after the church wedding in Dubrovnik.


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