Civil wedding

Agency Dubrovnik-Marry Me organizes civil weddings in Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik surrounding areas. Civil marriage is a legally recognized form of marriage. A civil wedding in Dubrovnik is performed by a wedding registry officer. Although civil weddings can be different from country to country, most civil weddings are actually an act of exchange of solemn vows and symbols, as well as a public disclosure of the validity of the wedding of two people. A civil wedding in Dubrovnik is conducted according to the rules and regulations that are in force in the Republic of Croatia, and those couples who choose the agency Dubrovnik - Marry Me to be their wedding planner, will be informed by the agency itself about the necessary documents and procedures that need to be followed in order for the civil wedding to be valid. As soon as we are provided with all the necessary documents for the civil wedding, the agency will do all the pre-wedding procedures necessary for a civil wedding to take place in Dubrovnik. A civil wedding in Dubrovnik can take place in the registrar office, but the couples who come from abroad are more interested in the fact that a civil wedding in Dubrovnik can be held at locations such as fortresses, beaches, hotels, restaurants, boats, caves etc.


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