Dubrovnik wedding venues

One of the most romantic, if not the most romantic place in the world is Dubrovnik, a small town on the sea illuminated by the sun and surrounded by walls which serve as a permanent witness to ancient times. It is within those walls that numerous indoor and outdoor venues hide, whose perfect look,,the spirit of centuries gone by and the contemporary feeling of today, make them the perfect venues for ceremonies of all kinds, wedding ceremonies included. And it is precisely because of the beauty of these venues that many couples decide to have their wedding in Dubrovnik. The Rector's Palace, the Sponza Palace, Fortress Lovrijenac, and the baroque church of St. Blaise, are some of the most popular wedding venues. And not just for the wedding ceremony, but some of them, such as the Rector's Palace and Fortress Lovrijenac are the perfect wedding venues for a wedding dinner/lunch or a wedding party. Indeed, the bounty of Dubrovnik wedding venues leaves no one indifferent. Therefore, if you have decided to get married in Dubrovnik, you have made a good decision.


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