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Baroque St. Blaise Church, dedicated to the patron saint of Dubrovnik was built on the site of an earlier Roman church (14th century), which survived a major earthquake in 1667, but it was destroyed by the fire in the 1706. The church was damaged by an earthquake in 1979 and in the Croatian War of Independence (1991 - 1992) damaged the shots out, the most on the roof of the northern front. The Grand City Council on Feb 26th 1348 decides on the construction of the St. Blaise Church on the Platea Communis, on the site where the present-day (baroque) chusrch is, opposite the City Hall. From the decision to build a new St. Blaise Church on the above-mentioned site it is clear that Dubrovnik had a strong desire to gain independence from the Venetian authorities, especially if you take into account the fact that the archives of Dubrovnik Archbishop Ilija Saraka laid the foundation stone for the church. The construction of the new Baroque church lasted from 1706 until 1715, and it was made according to the designs of the Venetian builder Marin Gropelli. The church has a richly decorated façade with a portal, and wide stairs at the front. The central area of ​the church is covered by a dome. On the main marble altar there is a statue of St. Blaise made of gilded silver, the work of the masters of the 15th century. Holding a model of the town as it used to look before the earthquake in 1667. The statue survived the earthquake and fire in the church. Every year on 3 February the people in Dubrovnik celebrate St. Blaise's Feast.



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